The Crags

Visible as bone-like protrusions of rock from over a half-day’s walk, the Crags are jutting walls of rock leading down to a narrow canyon running roughly in a south-north direction. This canyon is forever shaded by the height of the rocks.

Water is plentiful here, running down the walls in sheets in some places, forming vertical fields of lichen and giant mushrooms along the frequent streams that run downhill to collect in frequent basins.


Twists and Turns
Guerrilla War
Harridan’s Heart


The only indigenous creatures in the Crags are flocks of birds, bats, and rodents seeking the protection of the shadows. But other, more intelligent creatures live here as well.

The Harridan

The Harridan is a bag of the Feywild. She keeps a murder of Harpies as sentries and a tribe of loathsome Xivarts as minions. She uses enslaved Nymphs as her handmaidens, broken and wretched from being torn from their life-giving trees.

Fu’tu’Posk: The Minotaur Village

Deep within the Crag ravine is a vast cistern where th water of a dozen small streams gathers. Beyond a cave entrance here is a hidden portcullis and bronze-banded door mechanism. This is the first hint of the presence of master builders. Past a 30’ long tunnel, replete with murder holes and arrow slits, lies a vast three-tiered chamber, home to a tribe of hearty minotaurs, the “Clan of the Eldritch Tusk.”

Led by an adventurous wizard, the Clan is surprisingly varied in its interests and abilities. Poets and healers are found next to hunters and warriors. An of course everyone
builds — from the children’s labyrinth to the three-tiered temple of Kord, some of the finest construction west of the sun is hidden in this cavern.


Secret Building
Fighting for Survival
Blood Debt

The Crags

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