Gen 1 was born scattered across the face of Materia. They explored the world, finding others of their like, making allies and enemies that would become the friends and foes of their kin for generations to follow.

Beastmen: (Shifter) Humans incorporate the best elements of other races into their own. Animals, too, have a strength and nature to be mirrored. However sometimes a human can identify too much with the beasts and lose themselves, become a beastman.

Dwarves: The safest and most stable areas of the world are the Holdfast mountains at the easternmost edge of the land. There the dwarves watch over a deep volcanic vent they say drops into the heart of the world. The Gen 1 dwarves travelled east across the land, following the beating of the world’s heart. But they recognize the strength they gained in that journey, and they honor it to this day. To be worthy of guarding the Worldheart they must leave the mountain and follow the moon to the great sea and bring back a flagon of its water.

Dwarves know the art of the forge, yet the world has few metal weapons — Why? In truth the clan chiefs are powerful sick of all their youngsters running off to get themselves killed trying to retrieve a flagon of water from the Great Sea, but the priests won’t stop talking about it and young Dwarves keep asking to do it! So to stop getting pestered by ‘Damn Crusaders’ the clan chiefs came up with a plan – only Dwarves in ‘good standing’ may petition to undertake the quest – and it is VERY difficult to be in ‘good standing’ – only about half qualify. Then the Dwarf must surrender all worldly possessions except for that which he or she can take with them. That gets rid of most other applicants. Then they made it even more obnoxious – they must leave heir dwarven steel! Good riddance, say the elders, enough of this foolishness, maybe in a few generations people will forget all about this nonsense, especially if the priests shut the hell up about it…which they won’t.

Eladrin: When the world was new the Eladrin came to frolic in this new corner of the Feywild. Many grew to love it here, and were disheartened when the mortal essence grew strong and began to push back at the farie realm. But the bonds stayed strong, and the Eladrin found that they could live here without giving up their farie heritage.

Elves: Some Eladrin who stayed so love this would that they bound themselves to it, became mortal Elves, keepers of the world’s health and safety.

Gnomes: Like elves and half-elves, gnomes formed in this world in the generation after its creation. When a human village was invaded by Kaz horsemen the children fled into the fey forest for safety. They were looked after by a tribe of sprites and spent their nights sleeping within their farie circles. Instead of growing up the children grew into gnomes, and spread out into the world, still maintaining their hidden ways.

Goliaths: Awakening out of the enchanted stone of earthmotes, the floating mountains of Materia, Goliaths lived for generations in peace, competing with each other and themselves, until the tieflings settled under their motes and began to dominate them with their cruel power. Recently both races had to pool their resources to defeat a common foe, and they now live in a state of watchful distrust.

Half-Elf: The natural result of the elven love of the world and the human desire to join with others, half-elves do not form their own communities, but rather are welcome everywhere.

Hamadryad: As beautiful and captivating as they are dangerous, these autumn nymphs are the defenders of woodland areas. While most hamadryads share the full dryad’s link to a single tree, there are some able to break this connection through some extraordinary means.

Humans: Every mortal race of the world had to find their own kind in that first generation, except humanity. They alone were created in groups, and their urge to build communities is strong still. They recognize the strength found in other races and are driven to incorporate it into themselves, whether it is a skill, a ritual, or even the blood of another race. Though the shortest lived of the races, they have an innate wanderlust and usually follow the moon at an early age

Khaz: (Ork) Brutal, powerful and strong, Khaz have a complex culture predicated on strength and will.

Khaz-ha: (Half-ork) The biological opposite of humanity, the Khaz have a powerful biological drive that compels them to mix with all mortal races. Whenever this occurs the Khaz blood breeds true, making the issue a khaz-ha, or half-kaz. The child’s reception depends on its other half: humans are fairly indifferent while dwarves usually kill such abominations.

Kinth: The Kinth first came forth from areas of powerful elements: waterfalls, forest fires, flying mountains. As creatures inspired by chaos, they do not form groups, rather wandering from place to place earning their keep as they can. After about one hundred years they feel a yearning to return to the place of their birth, where they bud into 1-3 new Kinth (depending on their tier).

Minotaur: These bestial mortals were creations of the fiend Aloces, “Hell’s Surgeon”, infamous for his foul crossbreeds born of dark alchemy, as a vanguard for an invasion which never came. Under the influence of the Feywild many of these creatures broke the domination of Aloces and formed free communities. Minotaurs are famous for their massive sculptures.

Mul: When dwarves leave their mountain homes to prove themselves to the Worldheart, many never return. Those that do not die while following the moon find a more suitable life under the light of the sun. Usually they will live alone or find another dwarf to share their lives, but there is the rare pairing of human and dwarf, due mostly to the human’s desire for community and betterment of their kind. The mul is a stout amalgam of the best of both species. They have no communities of their own, living with whatever group they are born into. As of yet no mul has ever returned to the Holdfast mountains and it is unknown whether the dwarves there even know such a race is possible.

Pixie: Tiny winged natives of the Feywild, pixies are the sworn guardians of faerie circles, the gateways between that magic realm and Materia. Though a foot tall at the highest, they are cunning warriors that leap and fly into combat using proportional greatswords and bows that do the damage of shortswords and bows. They favor light armor that does not impede their movement and classes with a primal power source. Though born in fey forests, pixies are often seen outside those domains on errands for their clan or following the moon.

Shardmind: These crystalline creatures are recent arrivals to Materia. Nobody knows their purpose, but purpose they have. These are a DM fave with long-term plans so if you want to be part of (or oppose) a great, world-shaking plan talk to John.

Thri-kreen These insectoid creatures are born in great woven clusters of thousands of eggs, born from a single mother as the last act of her life. The kreen judge others based solely on physical and mental ability. Weakness is abhorrent to them, and they view everyone as either predator or prey.

Tiefling: Both high and low gods have taken an interest in Materia, and tieflings are the children of the latter. Generations past their people made war against the Drow of the Underdark, and lost. They were driven into the light 12 generations ago and established communities in the continual shadows beneath floating mountains. They took their anger out on the Goliaths of the floating mountains, staging attacks and enslaving members of the race. Five generations past both races put aside their differences to fight a common foe and have been living in mutual animosity ever since.

Warforged: Born out of the craft of the dwarves and the power of the Worldheart, the warforged were created as servants of their makers. However some find this to be tantamount to slavery and flee the mountains. Once outside they make their way west, away from dwarves, who see them as little more than faulty creations that should be disassembled before they cause mischief.

Wilden: These native of the Feywild first came to the world in its infancy, serving as guardians and protectors against the forces of the Feydark. Some elected to stay behind and continue watching over the world.

Missing Races

Those races that are not here are missing for a reason. Some races never developed on Materia. However that doesn’t mean they don’t exist somewhere in creation. Since Dragonborn were so central to the previous campaign we thought we might give them a rest, however if you want to play one talk to Joe. Githzerai are creatuers of the astral sea and have not yet visited Materia, however if you want to play one talk to Adam. Halflings and Genasi were reimagined into the Kinth. If you have a cool idea for other races featured on the character generator please add them here!!!


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