Posk is an arid land of stoney hills. Across these hills blow strong winds, occasionally growing to monumental power, creating sandstorms capable of ripping the flesh from the bones of exposed travelers. These storms have cut breathtakingly beautiful formations into the hillsides. The terrain is broken by narrow ravines often extending hundreds of meters down, with water and verdant plant life found in their shady depths. What civilization exists in Posk is primarily found in villages hewn into the face of these deep ravines, vertical villages cut into stone and/or build out of the stone face with the bamboo commonly found along ravine bottoms.

Posk is home to countless small tribes of dozens of races who eke out a living in their various ravines. Constant low intensity highly ritualized warfare is common in Posk as tribes raid each other for needed supplies. Such conflicts rarely lead to death, as a tradition of blood price among Posk tribes makes actual warfare too expensive to conduct.

Notable Tribes:

Arku-Pen-Rhadi: The Great Builders. The Arku-Pen-Rhadi are a race of minotaurs obsessed with engineering and building massive structures. The Arku-Pen-Rhadi hire themselves out across the known world building colossal damns, wondrous monuments, and mighty fortresses. The home ravine of the Arku-Pen-Rgadi is ironically very modestly constructed.


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