Materia is a world of high adventure; a new and savage world where groups huddle together for protection, praying for the hero that will save them. According to legend when a people are in their greatest need heroes arise to push back the darkness and bring the light. The world was born 22 generations ago from the blood of “The Great Ones”, the last heroes of the old world. They fought the darkness and the light, the law and the chaos, and wrestled and pounded a savage new world into life. Those who dwell here have the blood of those same heroes in their veins, and it is well that they do, for those forces that were subdued and harnessed to make this world are still present.

  • Thoughts on Time: Nobody wants established history on this world, unless it is appropriate for your characters back story. That is why I would like to set the age of the world at 22 generations. That time frame is long enough so that if someone wants to come from a ruined civilization that population would have time to form, grow to some kind of peak, and collapse. However there’s no reason why your race couldn’t have existed unchanged since the birth of the world. I just want to leave some wiggle room for everyone. Also it is in keeping with the law of 5’s, and I would like an auspicious start to the campaign ;)

In the Beginning

When Materia first took shape, the Feywild and the mortal world were one. Humans and dwarves lived with sprites and nymphs. Eldritch giants brought the secrets of magic to the masses, gifting all with the power to perform rituals. Aloof firbolgs kept the peace between fey and mortal with their wilden lieutenants, opposing the machinations of the fomorians and keeping the young world safe. In this auspicious bubble mortals grew strong and made families. Every union produced at least seven offspring, with seven-times-seven grandchildren.

Within seven generations mortals had covered the land, and the “Mortal Essence” had grown such that the power of the Feywild receded. But unlike other worlds, where fey magic was at best a poor shadow of its true power or at worst an invading force, Materia was born from a union of farie power and other elements. Nothing could sunder those bonds, so they shrank into “Farie Circles”, stone rings which are open doors between the two realms.

It is now “Gen 23”, the 23rd generation since the dawn of the world. Some say that the next generation will live in a new world, very different from this, that this gen will change the face of the world forever. And they say that the new world will be found by following the moon.

The Moon

Hanging over the western sky, everpresent in the eyes and hearts of Materia, is the Moon. Ask any two persons and you will get three stories about the Moon’s power and mystery. But what they do agree on is that there is a pull to the moon. Like a loadstone drawing black sand, the moon pulls at the mortal heart, filling it with wanderlust. Most only dream of “following the moon” and heading west towards adventure. But for some the pull is unavoidable, and they set off to seek their fortune, often times with childhood friends who have shared that dream.

The Sun

In opposition to the constant the moon, the Sun waxes and wanes daily, beginning the morning as a crescent eye which slowly opens over the course of the day, casting the same, unmoving shadows upon the ground until noon, when it begins its slow close into night.

The Seasons

What are those? Things just grow. If people want more of one thing then they raise it. When it’s ready to harvest it is, and another crop goes in shortly thereafter, unless there’s no demand for it.

The Land

The world of Materia is a vast continent of lush forests, verdant fields, fecund jungles, and blazing deserts. Vast mountainous earthmotes float overhead, while fey forests migrate between points of power.

The Sea

At Land’s End, the westernmost point of Materia, lies the Great Sea, for ages a wild, roiling, impassable mass which raged and mocked, preventing passage to whatever may lie beyond. 4 generations back a convocation of priests met for a hidden purpose. Good and evil, lawful and chaotic, these priests all gathered for one reason: to still the Great Sea. Ever since the priests of the ocean gods have sought to quell the raging torrents, and it is said that when each of the Sea’s powers is unified then the Sea will be still and will reveal the secrets it has held since the dawn of life.


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