Kaz-ha of the Arctic Tundra

Created by Christine Hayes.

Far to the west, near the shores of the Great Sea at Land’s End lies a great black mountain, the Shadow Wall, stretching into the heavens. Beyond this lies a vast flat tundra stretching out to the sea, forever shadowed by the towering cliffs that block the unmoving sun. This is the one place on all of Materia where snow falls. Long ago a group of humans came, fleeing a band of Kaz raiders. Both groups plunged into the tundra before they realized its dangers. They soon had to fight together for survival, but rather than flee back to the relative safety of the light they saw an untapped bounty here. Land and sea creatures dwelled here unknown in other lands. A vast sea was accessible, teaming with fish and whale but lacking the murderous gales that plagued the oceans proper.

Yet times were hard at first, and it fell to the women to keep their families alive by feeding the people from their own milk and organizing the belligerent men into hunting parties. They dug into the tundra for protection from the cold, and soon found vast burrows warmed by natural hot springs which provided water, heat, and nutrients not found in the abundant meat and fish. Women continued to organize the growing groups, until they developed into a matriarchal society, with wives taking as many husbands as they could support.

Within seven generations there were no humans nor kaz, but only a mighty tribe of kaz-ha calling itself the Maguyuk, hardened and enured to their harsh twilight land.


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