For rules text use the Genasi race, with the Small Size modifier

Kinth are a small elemental race known for their fiery resourcefulness, lightning fast wits, and rock steady nerves. The Kinth are born out of powerful elemental regions: waterfalls, forest fires, flying mountains, or deep caverns. They have a savage intelligence from birth, which refines itself in only a few short years into a sophisticated adulthood. Due to their chaotic nature they lead a passionate, nomadic existence and can be found everywhere.

Play a kinth if you want . . .

✦ to struggle or experiment with the order and chaos of your existence.

✦ to look for adaptability in personality and physical appearance.

✦ to be a member of a race that favors the swordmage and warlord classes.

Physical Qualities

Every kinth constantly manifests an element. (Kinth have no neutral, nonelemental state.) All Kinth are born with one elemental manifestation, based on their place of birth. Some kinth gain the ability to manifest additional elements as they grow stronger, and a rare few have several. When they do form groups they usually they gather together in clutches of like elements.

Kinth are of small size and are proportional to most humanoids, though they tend toward broader physiques that are evidence of their physical strength. A kinth’s body is covered in elemental marks that glow in a color associated with the element that the kinth is manifesting. The marks on a kinth’s body appear in a pattern that is common to all born from the same elemental region. The specific configuration of elemental marks on each kinth’s body is distinctive, varying between individuals the way fingerprints differ between humans. Even when kinth change their elemental manifestation, each one retains his or her unique elemental marks. To show off the markings on his or her body, a kinth often wears clothes that leave at least some portion of his or her body uncovered.

Kinth skin tones and “hair” also vary depending on which element an individual is manifesting. Kinth don’t have actual hair—the substance that appears to cover their heads during different manifestations is a magical expression of their elemental nature.

The physical qualities that kinth display when using different elemental manifestations are summarized below.

  • Earthsoul: Brown skin; golden stone-like marks and eyes; bald with cracked stone marks glowing on the head.
  • Firesoul: Ruddy bronze skin; fiery orange energy lines and eyes; flickering flames coming out of the elemental marks on the head.
  • Stormsoul: Purple skin; silvery elemental marks; glowing crystalline silver spikes on the head.
  • Watersoul: Seafoam green skin; bright blue elemental marks; bald with blue swirls glowing on the head.
  • Windsoul: Silver skin; light blue elemental marks; glowing blue and gray ice crystal spikes on the head.

Kinth have an average life span of 100 years. After about one hundred years the kinth feels a yearning to return to the place of their birth, where they end their life and bud into 1-3 new Kinth (depending on their tier).

Playing a Kinth

Generalities about a kinth’s elemental manifestation are sometimes contradicted by the race’s changeable nature. In most regions where genasi live, the dominant manifestation is the one most closely associated with the region’s environment. The most extreme example of this truism occurs in underwater communities, where it’s essentially impossible for a kinth to survive without the watersoul manifestration.

In a community whose construction features a number of elevated features or earthmotes, the vast majority of kinth have the stormsoul or windsoul manifestation. In a hot climate or a place where creatures of flame hold sway, firesoul is the most prevalent manifestation.

Kinth who have more than one manifestation think of themselves as having multiple personas, and are often shunned by their mono-elemental kin. A kinth who is quick-tempered and passionate while manifesting firesoul might be a much more deliberate person while manifesting earthsoul. When free from the demands of travel or conflict, kinth who have multiple manifestations sometimes change manifestation as a method of expressing their mood or their intentions.

Kinth philosophers believe that genasi were created as a compromise between chaos and the world’s
divinely crafted forms. A few kinth internalize that contradiction and struggle to eliminate one or the other of their natures, becoming maniacs of chaos or disciples of order, but those kinth are the exception. Most simply enjoy the connections that their elemental nature gives them to the world. Kinth of a religious bent revere nature gods of multiple pantheons.

Kinth Characteristics: Capricious, exotic, free-spirited, headstrong, impulsive, independent, passionate, quick-tempered, quixotic

Male Names: Ander, Corrin, Dannad, Errich, Finnan, Garret, Lazam, Lindal, Merric, Nebin, Ostran, Perrin, Reed, Shardon, Ulmo, Wenner

Female Names: Andrey, Bree, Callie, Chenna, Eida, Kithri, Lidda, Nedda, Paela, Shaena, Tryn, Vani, Verna, Wella


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