Cathcart – Dwarf Warden AL G

Cathcart left his home in the Holdfast mountains on a quest to join the Amadi as a navigator. The Amadi routinely visit the Worldheart – the home of the Dwarves in the Holdfast mountains. The last visit was when Cathcart was too young to join the ship’s crew, but he expressed his interest and the Amadi captain – Akabar, told him he would be welcome if he were more experienced – and had the permission of the Cathcart’s clan.

Of course the clan wanted something in return – a flagon of water from the Great Sea – the quest all Dwarves must complete if they are to be deemed ‘worthy of guarding the Worldheart’. In order to even undertake the quest Cathcart had to slave away in the forge for a year and undergo a rigorous training-montage to be considered in ‘good standing’. Then he had to surrender all non-portable possessions. He also had to surrender his Dwarven armor and weapons, which was deeply traumatic.



Forgeborn Cathcart is partially elemental – which is what the Amadi captain liked about him.


Rock Head Cathcart is stubborn and dense, literally and figuratively. He uses this aspect to plow through problems, literally and figuratively.

This is How It’s Done <<followed>> Whatever it is, Cathcart can build it better (or thinks he can).

One Swift Kick is All It’ll Take Cathcart knows just where to strike things to bring them down.

I Can Drink You Under the Table Self-explanatory

Idiot Magnet ‘Dumbshits’ are always messing up Cathcart’s carefully laid plans.


Savage Beatdown calaan