Black Pyramid in a Savage Jungle

Created by Joe O’Neil

Inkara is a city state in the heart of the Verdme, a vast steamy jungle teaming with dangerous creatures and plants. Life in the Verdme is harsh, and the Inkara are harsher still. Much feared, the Inkaran people are slavers, who repeatedly raid the surrounding territories for slaves and treasure. On occasion the Inkarans accept tribute in slaves and treasure and do not attack – the Inkarans consider this diplomacy. The Inkarans have no word for peace, the closest word is tribute.

The Inkarans are much like the Aztecs – and at the heart of their city is a vast black pyramid fueled with the souls of those they sacrifice. The pyramid is capable of storing this soul energy, and the Inkaran priests are capable of channeling this energy. The Inkarans worship an immortal god-king whose life essence is maintained by the pyramid. Inkaran priests get their spells directly from the pyramid, and thus have no need for outside gods.

Inkara is one of Materia’s largest civilizations. One of Inkarans better-known beliefs is the idea of ‘Leveling’. This manifests itself in the following way: the Inkarans believe that Genocide is a sacrament, and target civilizations they consider potential rivals. Once a Leveling is declared against an enemy civilization, the Inkarans will not stop until the entire enemy civilization is erased from history. There have been two prior successful Levelings, and the only remaining trace of these two prior civilizations are motifs on the side of the black pyramid. The Inkarans are not currently in a Leveling period, but this can always happen if 1) a powerful rival civilization is discovered; or 2) the god-king needs a good distraction to unify his people.


  • Jungle’s Hungar
  • Suddenly Cannibals


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