Veru: Ghost Born



Ghost Born Veru’s mother died before he was born. He was cut from her body and raised by the spirits of a haunted village. He was weaned on ectoplasm. But rather than killing him, Veru is vibrantly alive, infused with spiritual energy at a physical level and hyper-attuned to the spiritual world.


Learn by Doing Veru never even met another person until he was 14 years old. The spirits that raised him educated him most often through possession. Starting at age of seven and throughout his adolescence Veru was jerked around like a puppet by the spirits, teaching him all manner of skills — and more importantly, how to resist being possessed (see any martial arts movie with a student with a cruel master). For instance he learned to read by being possessed, the spirit then writing on clay tablets and reading what was written. He learned to hunt by being possessed by hunters and then going off to hunt.


A nation of one Alignment is a function of how you relate to and treat the people around you. Having people around him at all is still somewhat new. While generally “good” Veru never had the life experiences growing up that teach people social norms of ethics and morality. He can make mistakes and decisions that may seem childlike.


Master and Servant of the Unseen. Veru has mastered much of the spiritual world and it comes at his call. But there are deeper spirits that can and will use him to further their ends.


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