Across the desert, surrounded by hills, hidden in a valley, lies a dank and mysterious land. A large swamp lies at the base of the hills, surrounding the lower valley. Combined with the heat of the desert, this creates a humid, foul-smelling environment where live the Shull — human natives of the valley. Past this miasma, on the sunward side of the high valley, lie the dwellings of the Shifters, mystic fusion of humanoid and animal. These form the “Orders of the Fit”, the upper portion of the castes which rule Sekhmet.

The blood of the Shifter determines their place in the Order: those born of Falcon are born to lead, while Ibis is wise and born to teach and learn. Cat is born to pray, and wolf is born to hunt. Above all are those born of Lion, blessed of Apedemek. All grow up content that, like the constant sun, they have their place in creation.


  • Shifter Paradise
  • Impenetrable Caste
  • Manifest Destiny


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