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  • Julie

    Upuaut: Opener of the Ways

    Upauts title derives from his position in the Sekhemet military, a scout who cleared routes for the army and hunter game for their forage. He was low born in the Orders of the Fit, even for a wolf

  • Joe

    Cathcart Dwarf Warden AL G

    Cathcart left his home in the Holdfast mountains on a quest to join the Amadi as a navigator. The Amadi routinely visit the Worldheart the home of the Dwarves in the Holdfast mountains. The last visit was when

  • Adam

    Veru: Ghost Born



    Ghost Born Verus mother died before he was born. He was cut from her body and raised by the spirits of a haunted village. He was weaned on ectoplasm. But rather than

  • Raine (CJ)

    Raine is a Centaur Shamman. He stargazes, and follows what he reads in the sky.

    Things you should know about centaurs:

    • They do not give pony rides
    • The naughty bits and the dirty bits are all in back

  • Ryann

    Race: Cat Shifter Razorclaw
    Class: Monk
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Theme: Elemental Initiate
    Background: Silent Hunter

  • What's his name - Barbara

    Tall, mohawk, wearing skins. Has a big sword and hammer. Looks kinda mean, or maybe a little scary, but he seems ok. No one around Thistledown knows him well, though. At least hes helpful.

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