Savage Beatdown

Campaign Rumors
Mysteries and Possible Quests

This thread is for Me to post the story threads and mysteries that are dropped throughout a game session. It is also the place for you to suggest quests, adventures, possible destinations, or campaign wish lists.

1. The Pilgrim's Promise
Adventure 1

It is a festival day in Thistledown. Among the throng walks many strangers or newcomers to the Village. It is to these that the village shaman, a Shardmind Cleric named Mystic, appeals for help. A group of Thri-Kreen pilgrims is lost in the Steppes, and Mystic asks these strangers to search for them.
They look first at a watering hole frequented by travelers, where they find themselves in the middle of a bison stampede prompted by a hunting pack of Crested Felldrakes. While leaping on top of bison and charging madly into the enemy, they are struck repeatedly and trampled, but prevail. The are able to render the Felldrakes down to 4000 nats.
They next search the Crags, a narrow valley of harsh rocks and perpetual shadow, where they rescue a young minotaur warrior from a cackling harpy and her loathsome Xivart minions. They find 2000 rels on her. The Minotaur, Saak, is very grateful and takes them back to his village, Fu’Tu’Posk, a minotaur enclave of Posk. There they learn of the minotaur’s battles with the Harridan, a Hag who has claimed the Crags for herself. They are given hospitality, but do not find the Thri-Kreen.
They set off across the Steppes, hoping to stumble on the lost pilgrims. What they find is the trail of 5 horsemen dragging sledges behind them. When they catch up to them they find a group of Khaz horsemen dragging the captured Thri-Kreen bound to sledges. The Khaz attack, but the group overcomes them and rescues the pilgrims. They find 200 nats and a potion of healing on the Khaz. The grateful Thri-Kreen give the group an 800 nat reward and allow them to participate in the Rite of Sagawhen. (they receive the boon “Erathis’ Beacon”)